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Picture of ACP(Asst. Comm of police) fondling a ladies breast (PHOTO

Picture of ACP(Asst. Comm of police) fondling a ladies breast (PHOTO)


This picture has been going around on the social media for some days now and the Nigeria police has come out to call the picture fake. According to the, it was photoshopped and the policeman in the picture wrote on his facebook timeline that
he doesn’t know the lady in the picture and never snapped the picture with her.
According to Punch,

The Nigeria Police has described the photograph, which showed a senior police officer in the act of fondling the breast of an unknown lady, as fake. It said the picture, which went viral on the Internet, was deliberately fabricated with the aid of Adobe Photoshop technology to mislead the public.

    The alleged amorous scene, the police authorities claimed, did not take place and the officer had nothing to do with the woman. The police said it arrived at this conclusion after interrogating the policeman, who was seen in the type of uniform worn by officers of the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police.

    On the official Facebook page of the police, the affected police officer was quoted as saying, “I don’t know this lady. I never took the picture with her.”

    However, the authorities did not name the police officer nor give the details of the command where he is serving. The police said that though it does not forbid its rank and file to pose with members of the public for photographs, it would not tolerate any display of affection for the opposite sex in full public glare. “An image showing one of our officers in a compromising position with a lady has gone viral. Please check the hands in the so-called picture that is in circulation and you will agree that they were photo-shopped.
    “Other citizens of this country are encouraged to pose for snapshots with our uniformed officers if they so desire, just as it is done worldwide. What we discourage is public display of affection by our uniformed officers,” it said


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