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REVEALED: Why Jonathan, Wife Are Fighting Me – Amaechi


Rivers State Governor Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi has

disclosed that he incurred the wrath of President Goodluck Jonathan because he was seen to be exposing a lot of corrupt activities going on in

magazine, Gov.



President and his wife can never keep to their

several meetings with him begging him to deliver the

presidential election with the promise that they would never trouble him again, a promise they did not keep.

Gov. Amaechi listed many instances where his

and the First Lady, whom he described as a ‘de facto

According to Gov. Amaechi, one of the main reasons for the battle to bring him down is the desperate ambition of Dame Patience Jonathan to see herself and be addressed as the political ‘lord’ of Rivers State, her home state, despite the fact

by the constitution and is not occupying any elective

He recalled a recent accident which has occurred in the hometown of the First Lady, Okrika. Dame

from Gov. Amaechi reprimanded him for saying he would

school and demolish it so as to create enough space for

Governor Amaechi attributed the crisis to three

“The first was the attempt by the wife of the President to control the Rivers State government. I remember when female senators came to me after

“She said to them: ‘I am the highest ranking officer from Rivers State and I wonder why the Governor of Rivers State does not accord me that

“I said in law, I don’t see the office of the wife of

to that of the governor…The resistance is what you are seeing.”

During Jonathan’s campaigns for 2011, he said the President and his wife pleaded with him since




not be a multiplicity of presidents where “you have the wife manipulating power, everybody doing one thing or

“I wanted to make sure that I and the Rivers people are fully protected. I wasn’t convinced.

“Now, within the period, the President had called me and the wife and we sat together and made peace. There again, they promised that nobody would hurt me, nobody would do this or that. That’s why this is a bit difficult because there is nothing new that they can tell me that they did not

and they did not keep to their

He said the meeting was just between him, the President and Mrs. Jonathan and he secured their promise to protect him, but “we had hardly won the 2011 elections when the wife descended on

“Basically, the only way you can survive is if you

to say: ‘Good

Rotimi Amaechi, governor of Rivers State. Do I greet this person or

“If she says no, then I don’t greet you. But if you need to run the office of the governor the way it is supposed to be run, then you would certainly have a disagreement with the wife of the President.

“It is about power and control. She appears to be

The governor also said part of the problem was that the President took about 41 oil wells from Rivers and handed them to Abia and Bayelsa, the

He also said the President was not comfortable with the fact that he (Amaechi) speaks his mind

For example, he said he had complained many

poverty and corruption among public office holders in the country to no avail even as the country’s economy is in bad

Another incident that pitched Amaechi against the President was that the former accused the World Bank, during an event abroad, of aiding Nigeria’s

He also lamented the increasing activities of oil thieves, adding that attempts by his government to subdue the thieves have also been scuttled by the President because of the problem between

suffer the

“My colleague, the governor of Benue State, told me that teachers are on strike in his state because of salary. And you would see more in the next few

“The amount of money being stolen is enough to run this economy. They set aside 455,000 barrels

refining. We don’t refine in Nigeria. Crude is refined overseas, brought back to Nigeria and then we pay subsidy on it,” he said.


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