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Treasury Single Account (TSA) is a scam – EKITI State Governor Ayodele Fayose

  • I won’t attend meeting
  • on revenue policy, says
    Ekiti gov

    From Ado Ekiti
    EKITI State Governor Ayodele Fayose has said he will
    not attend the meeting called by the Federal
    Government with governors on the Treasury Single
    Account (TSA), noting that his state was not
    interested in the policy, which he said was fraud
    against Nigeria and its people.
    A statement issued by his Special Assistant on Public
    Communications and New Media, Mr. Lere Olayinka,
    the governor said: “The Federal Government should
    rather remove the veil on the face of REMITA so that
    Nigerians know the real owners, through whom the
    All Progressives Congress (APC) is allegedly
    siphoning Nigeria money to fund Kogi and Bayelsa
    governorship elections.
    “From all intent and purposes, this TSA policy is
    aimed at recouping money spent on the last general
    elections by the APC, as well as raise money for
    future elections, especially the Kogi and Bayelsa
    states gubernatorial poll.
    “It is also meant to enrich some individuals for doing
    virtually nothing and that can be seen from the
    discovery of N25 billion that already accrued to just a
    single company in one month!
    “How can the Federal Government justify a
    transaction in which a single company gets one per
    cent, amounting to N25 billion in one month?
    “In this economic situation that Nigeria is, shouldn’t
    the one per cent commission be negotiated
    downward to like 0.1 per cent which would have
    reduced the N25 billion to N2.5billion,” he said.
    According to him, “even manufacturing companies,
    with thousands of employees don’t make N25 billion
    profit in one month. Therefore, what Nigerians are
    expecting from the Federal Government is
    explanation on the alleged N25 billion scam already
    associated with the operation of the TSA, instead of
    calling governors to a meeting that is aimed at
    imposing the TSA policy on the states.”
    Insisting that he will not attend the meeting,
    Governor Fayose said the Federal Government
    cannot force its policies on states that are the
    federating units in the federation.
    “Ekiti State is entitled to its own policies and it is not
    under any obligation to accept Federal Government
    policies, especially the TSA that is already robed in
    the garment of fraud.
    “I therefore, wish to state categorically that Ekiti State
    is not interested in the TSA policy and since the state
    is not interested, I, as the custodian of the popular
    mandate of the entire people of the state, will not
    attend any meeting called by the Federal Government
    on the TSA,” he said.


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